Do vets recommend e-collars for dogs?

dog e-collar

Training a dog can be challenging, especially when trying to correct unwanted behaviours. One hi-tech device that has gained popularity among dog trainers and pet owners is the electronic collar or e-collar. In this article, we’ll explore what an e-collar is, how it’s used for training, its safety and humane aspects, and whether vets recommend its use. We’ll also highlight the top-quality training collars from Hidden Fence in Australia, which are trusted and tested to assist in training without harming your dog.

What is an e-collar?

electronic collar

An e-collar, or electronic collar, is a device worn around a dog’s neck that delivers mild electronic stimulation when activated by a remote control or an automatic trigger. E-collars are designed to assist with training by providing immediate feedback to the dog and helping to correct unwanted behaviours such as excessive barking, pulling on the leash, or ignoring commands when off leash.

How are e-collars used to train dogs?

E-collars are versatile training tools used in various training scenarios:

  1. Behaviour Correction: They help correct unwanted behaviours such as barking, leash pulling, or chasing other animals.
  2. Off-Leash Training: E-collars allow for off-leash training by giving the owner remote control over the dog from a distance. This promotes freedom while maintaining safety and communication.

Are e-collars safe and humane for dogs?

One of the main concerns with e-collars is whether they are safe and humane. Modern e-collars, like those from Hidden Fence, are designed with the dog’s well-being in mind with:

  1. Adjustable Stimulation Levels: These collars offer multiple levels of stimulation, allowing the owner to choose the mildest setting effective for their dog.
  2. Automatic Safety Features: Many e-collars include features that prevent over-stimulation, ensuring the dog isn’t subjected to continuous stimulation.
  3. Safe Levels of Correction: When used correctly, e-collars provide gentle reminders to the dog, akin to a tap on the shoulder, rather than causing pain.

Do vets recommend e-collars for training dogs?

dog e-collar

The use of e-collars is a topic of debate among veterinarians. However, many vets do recommend brands like DogWatch when they are used responsibly and correctly:

  1. Behavioural Issues: Vets do sometimes suggest e-collars for dogs with severe behavioural issues that have not responded to other training methods.
  2. Expert Guidance: Vets who recommend e-collars usually stress the importance of professional guidance and training to ensure the collar is used effectively and humanely.
  3. Specific Cases: E-collars can be a lifesaving tool for dogs that are prone to dangerous behaviours, such as running into traffic or having aggressive tendencies.

Recommended Training Collars from Hidden Fence in Australia

Hidden Fence offers a range of high-quality e-collars that are trusted and tested for effectiveness and safety. These products are excellent training aids and are highly recommended by many vets to assist in training and correcting unwanted behaviours without harming your dog.

Hidden Fence exclusively stocks DogWatch training collars, which are known for their reliability and advanced features. DogWatch e-collars are a top choice for many pet owners and trainers. These collars come with customisable stimulation levels, ensuring a humane training experience tailored to your dog’s needs. Designed for durability and comfort, DogWatch e-collars are perfect for everyday use and can be easily adjusted to suit your dog’s size.

E-collars can be a valuable tool in dog training when used properly. They offer a safe and humane way to correct unwanted behaviours and reinforce positive ones. Many vets do recommend e-collars, particularly the high-quality options available from Hidden Fence in Australia. These collars are tested, trusted, and provide an effective means of training without causing harm to your dog. 

What type of collar is best for a dog that pulls?

dog collars Australia

Dogs that pull on their leash can turn a pleasant walk into a frustrating experience. Finding the right collar to address this behaviour is crucial for both the dog’s comfort and the owner’s sanity. In Australia, one of the best solutions for leash pulling is the DogWatch SideWalker dog training collar. Let’s explore why this collar is considered the best option and where you can get it in Australia.

What is the best dog collar in Australia to correct leash pulling?

dog collars Australia

When it comes to correcting leash pulling, the DogWatch SideWalker stands out as the best dog collar in Australia. This innovative collar provides gentle electronic stimulation to discourage pulling without causing harm to your pet. Unlike traditional choke chains or prong collars, the SideWalker offers a humane and effective solution for leash training.

Who Sells the DogWatch SideWalker in Australia?

dog collars Australia

The DogWatch SideWalker is available in Australia through Hidden Fence, a trusted supplier of pet containment and training products. Hidden Fence not only supplies the SideWalker but also provides excellent customer support and offers training to ensure you get the most out of your purchase. If you’re looking for the best dog collars Australia has to offer, Hidden Fence should be your go-to source.

What are the main features of the SideWalker?

The DogWatch SideWalker is packed with features that make it the best choice for leash training in Australia:

  1. Adjustable Settings: The collar offers multiple stimulation levels, allowing you to customise the training to suit your dog’s temperament.
  2. Gentle Stimulation: Unlike punitive methods, the SideWalker uses gentle electronic pulses to correct pulling behaviour.
  3. Automatic Correction: The collar automatically adjusts the level of stimulation based on the intensity of the pulling.
  4. Rechargeable Battery: The SideWalker comes with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, ensuring consistent performance.
  5. Lightweight and Durable: Designed with the dog’s comfort in mind, the collar is lightweight and made from durable materials.

See the SideWalker in Action

How effective are electronic dog collars in Australia for preventing leash pulling?

dog collars Australia

Electronic dog collars, like the DogWatch SideWalker, have proven to be highly effective in preventing leash pulling in Australia, even when used on very large breeds. These collars provide immediate feedback to the dog, helping them quickly learn that pulling results in an unpleasant but harmless stimulation. Over time, dogs associate pulling with the stimulation and learn to walk calmly beside their owner.

In Australia, many pet owners have found electronic collars to be a game-changer for leash training. The DogWatch SideWalker, in particular, has received positive reviews for its effectiveness and humane approach. For those searching for the best dog collars Australia can offer, the SideWalker is a top recommendation. Hidden Fence in Australia offers comprehensive support and guidance on using the SideWalker, ensuring a positive training experience for you and your dog. Their experience, expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the ideal choice for purchasing and using electronic dog collars in Australia.

Finding the right collar for a dog that pulls is essential for enjoyable walks and effective training. The DogWatch SideWalker, available through Hidden Fence, is the best dog collar in Australia for this purpose. With its gentle yet effective electronic stimulation, adjustable settings, and durable design, the SideWalker provides a humane solution for leash training. 

For the best dog collars Australia has to offer and for expert support and guidance, Hidden Fence is the place to go.

What do dog trainers recommend as the best dog training collar?

When it comes to choosing the best dog training collar, dog trainers often recommend options that balance traditional methods of training with technology-based e-training collars. Let’s explore the top choices and considerations for selecting a dog training collar.

What Is the Best Dog Training Collar for Nuisance Barking?

best dog training collar

The DogWatch No Bark Training Collar is a reliable and trusted choice for nuisance barking. It offers customisable settings and gentle corrections, making it effective for addressing excessive barking behaviour.

What Is the Best Dog Training Collar for Off-Leash Sessions?

When training dogs for off-leash sessions, the versatility and range of the DogWatch BigLeash Remote Control Training Collars make them highly recommended by trainers. These collars provide reliable communication between handler and dog, ensuring safety and control in various environments, even when off-leash in areas like the dog park or the beach.

Hear what a professional dog trainer has to say about the DogWatch BigLeash Remote Control Dog Training Collar.

Big Leash Training Collar Wins Family Choice Award.

best dog training collar
BigLeash Training Collar.

The DogWatch BigLeash Training Collar has earned accolades like the Family Choice Award, highlighting its effectiveness and popularity among pet owners and trainers alike.

Do Dog Trainers Recommend Training Collars to Prevent Excessive Pulling? 

best dog training collar

Yes, trainers often recommend the DogWatch Sidewalker Training Collar to prevent excessive pulling during walks and create desired walking behaviour. This collar uses gentle, consistent feedback to discourage pulling behaviour, promoting enjoyable walks for both dogs and their owners, even very young dog owners.

Can I Order Dog Training Collars Online?

Yes, ordering DogWatch training collars online through Hidden Fence in Australia is fast and convenient. The website offers easy ordering options, ensuring you can find the right collar for your training needs from the comfort of your home. Each training collar comes with instructions, and further support material is available online.

Are Dog Training Collars Adjustable?

best dog training collar
best dog training collar
best dog training collar

DogWatch training collars are designed with adjustability in mind, allowing for customisation based on your dog’s size and behaviour. This feature ensures a comfortable fit and effective training experience. Replacement collars are also available in multiple colours.

When looking for the best dog training collars, follow the lead of professional dog trainers and choose Hidden Fence in Australia as your go-to supplier of DogWatch training collars. With easy online ordering and an extensive distributor network across Australia, Hidden Fence provides ongoing support and expertise to help you achieve successful training outcomes.

Contact Hidden Fence today with any questions you may have, or simply order online.

Do Electric Fences Keep Dogs Contained?

dogs and electric fences

Electric fences for dogs are popular among dog owners looking for a safe and effective containment solution. But do electric fences really keep dogs contained? Let’s delve into the facts surrounding dogs and electric fences.

Understanding the Truth About Dogs and Electric Fences

dogs and electric fences
Dogwatch: The best combination for dogs and electric fences.

Electric fences, such as the DogWatch brand available from Hidden Fence in Australia, work by emitting a harmless static correction when the dog approaches the boundary wire. This correction serves as a deterrent, teaching the dog to stay within the designated area. Combined with a training and conditioning program, DogWatch hidden fences can be a very effective dog containment solution, especially in areas where building a physical fence is not practical.

Can Dogs and Electric Fences Co-exist?

Yes, dogs can co-exist well with specialised dog electric fences when properly trained. Training is crucial to ensure that dogs understand the boundaries and consequences of approaching them.

Is There a More Accurate Name for Electric Fences for Dogs?

Electric dog fences are often referred to as invisible fences or hidden fences, reflecting their concealed nature and effectiveness in containing dogs without visible barriers. In Australia, the most respected name or brand for an electric dog fence is the DogWatch Hidden Fence. The Dogwatch Hidden Fence comes as a DIY Kit or with the option of professional installation and training.

Do Electric Fences for Dogs Keep Dogs In?

The DogWatch Hidden Fence is designed to keep dogs within the set boundaries. The static correction delivered by the collar serves as a reminder to the dog to stay within the safe area, making it a very effective dog containment solution.

DIY and Professional Installation for Electric Dog Fences

Hidden Fence offers both DIY and professional installation options for DogWatch electric dog fences. DIY kits provide flexibility, while professional installation ensures optimal placement and training.

What Maintenance is Needed for an Electric Dog Fence?

Cost effective dog fence

Regular maintenance includes checking the collar batteries, inspecting the boundary wire for breaks or damage, and ensuring the transmitter is functioning correctly.

How Do You Prevent a Wire Break in Your Hidden Fence?

Preventing wire breaks involves burying the boundary wire at the recommended depth, avoiding sharp bends, and periodically checking for any issues that could compromise the integrity of the fence. Having your DogWatch system installed professionally from the outset can also mitigate problems in the future.

Electric fences, such as the DogWatch brand from Hidden Fence, do provide a reliable way to contain dogs safely within designated areas. Proper training, maintenance, and installation are key to ensuring the effectiveness of these systems. For more information on DogWatch Containment Systems and how they can benefit your pet, visit Hidden Fence in Australia today.

What Size Battery Is in a DogWatch Collar?

dog watch invisible fence batteries

Using the right batteries is crucial to maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your DogWatch invisible fence system. Dog Watch invisible fence batteries are specific types of batteries used in DogWatch collars, which are part of our hidden fence system designed to keep your pet safely contained. This article will explore the types of batteries used in DogWatch collars, their specifications, and how to order replacement batteries online through Hidden Fence.

Types of Batteries in DogWatch Collars

DogWatch collars use two main types of batteries: the CR-1/3N 3V Lithium Battery and the LS 14250 3.6v Lithium Battery. Each battery type is suitable for different models of DogWatch and CatWatch receiver collars.

CR-1/3N 3V Lithium Battery

dog watch invisible fence batteries

The CR-1/3N 3V Lithium Battery is suitable for the following receiver collars:

R7 DogWatch dog fence collar

M7 DogWatch dog fence collar

M12 DogWatch dog fence collar

M12 CatWatch cat fence collar

LS 14250 3.6v Lithium Battery

The LS 14250 3.6v Lithium Battery is recommended for the following receiver collars:

dog watch invisible fence batteries

R9 dog fence receiver collar

R12 dog fence receiver collar

Smart Fence dog fence receiver collar

The SAFT brand 3.6 volt Lithium replacement battery is specifically recommended for its superior longevity, providing an average battery life of up to 2 years.

Replacement Batteries for DogWatch Collars

dog watch receiver collar

At Hidden Fence, we understand the importance of keeping your DogWatch system operational. Replacement batteries can easily be ordered online through Each battery comes with a replacement waterproof cover and new seals, ensuring that your collar remains durable and waterproof. While it is possible to order replacement batteries elsewhere, they do not typically come with a new cover and new seals.

Why Choose SAFT Brand 3.6 Volt Lithium Batteries?

We recommend the SAFT brand 3.6 volt Lithium replacement battery for the longest battery life. This brand is known for its high quality and reliability, providing an average battery life of up to 2 years. Using SAFT batteries ensures that your DogWatch hidden fence dog collar performs optimally, reducing the frequency of battery replacements and maintaining your pet’s safety.

How to Order Dog Watch Invisible Fence Batteries Online

dog watch invisible fence batteries

Ordering replacement batteries for your DogWatch invisible fence system is simple and convenient. Browse our selection of invisible fence batteries, select the appropriate battery type for your collar model, and place your order. Our website provides detailed information and specifications to help you choose the right battery for your needs.

Benefits of Ordering from Hidden Fence

Quality Assurance: All replacement batteries come with a waterproof cover and new seals, ensuring the durability and reliability of your DogWatch collar.

Convenience: Easily order replacement batteries online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Expert Support: Our team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your DogWatch invisible fence batteries.

Maintaining your DogWatch invisible fence system’s functionality requires using high-quality, reliable batteries. The CR-1/3N 3V Lithium Battery and the LS 14250 3.6v Lithium Battery are recommended for various DogWatch and CatWatch collars. The SAFT brand 3.6 volt Lithium replacement battery is the best option for the longest battery life, providing up to 2 years of reliable performance. 

Remember, replacement batteries can easily be ordered online, ensuring that your system remains effective and your pet stays safe.

If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to Contact Us

Does a Dog Boundary Collar Create an Electronic Fence?

dog boundary collar

When considering a dog boundary collar, it’s important to understand that it is just one component of a Hidden Fence System, particularly the DogWatch system available from Hidden Fence. This article will explore a dog boundary collar, its role in a hidden fence containment system, and how the perimeter is created with this kind of electronic fence system.

What is a Dog Boundary Collar?

dog boundary collar
Receiver Collar for DogWatch Smart Fence System

A dog boundary collar, also known as a receiver collar, is a crucial element of an electronic fence system designed to keep your dog within a designated area. The collar is equipped with a receiver that detects signals from a transmitter connected to a boundary wire. When the dog approaches the boundary wire (which is often buried), the collar emits a warning sound or a mild static correction to discourage the dog from crossing the line. This helps to create an invisible barrier that keeps your pet safe within the set perimeter.

What Role Does a Dog Boundary Collar Have in a Hidden Fence Containment System?

dog boundary collar
Hidden Fence Containment System, including dog boundary collar

The dog boundary collar plays a vital role in a hidden fence containment system. The receiver collar worn by the dog interacts with the boundary wire and transmitter to ensure the dog stays within the designated area. Here’s how it works:

Detection: The receiver collar detects signals transmitted through the boundary wire.

Warning: As the dog approaches the boundary, the collar emits a warning sound to alert the dog.

Correction: If the dog continues towards the boundary, the collar delivers a mild static correction, encouraging the dog to retreat and stay within the safe zone.

Training: Over time, the dog learns to recognise and respect the hidden fence system’s boundaries, reducing the need for frequent corrections.

The dog boundary collar is essential for reinforcing the boundaries and ensuring the effectiveness of the hidden fence system.

What Creates the Perimeter in an Electric Fence System?

dog boundary collar

The perimeter in an electric fence system is created by a combination of a wire cable and a transmitter. Here’s how these components work together to form the invisible boundary:

Wire Cable: The boundary wire is installed around the perimeter of the area you want to contain your dog. This wire can be buried underground, attached to existing fences or structures, or laid through gardens and shrubbery to blend seamlessly with the environment. Training flags are placed as visual cues during initial training.

Transmitter: The transmitter is connected to the boundary wire and sends a continuous signal through it. The strength and range of the signal can be adjusted to suit the size of the containment area and the dog’s temperament.

Signal Transmission: The transmitter sends a coded signal through the boundary wire, creating an invisible perimeter that the dog boundary collar can detect. When the dog (or cat) wearing the boundary collar approaches the perimeter, the collar receives the signal from the boundary wire and activates the warning and correction mechanisms to keep the dog within the safe area.

A dog boundary collar is integral to the Hidden Fence System, particularly the DogWatch system available from Hidden Fence. While the collar itself does not create the electronic fence, it works in conjunction with the boundary wire and transmitter to establish an invisible perimeter that keeps your dog safe. Understanding the role of each component in the system is essential for effectively containing your pet and providing them with the freedom to explore their designated area safely. 

For more information on dog boundary collars and hidden fence systems, visit Hidden Fence.

What is the Best DIY Electric Fence System for Cats?

electric fence for cats

Finding the right electric/electronic fence system for cats can be a game-changer for cat owners who want to provide their feline friends with the freedom to explore their surroundings while keeping them safe. At Hidden Fence, we believe that the best DIY electric fence system for cats should be flexible, allowing for customised perimeters and exclusion zones to be set up either via a wire cable or transmission disc. Cat owners can easily install DIY electronic fences, making them a convenient and effective solution. This article will explore the best DIY electric fence system for cats and why the CatWatch Hidden Fence System stands out.

What is a DIY Electric Cat Fence?

electric fence for cats
DIY Electric Cat Fence with Wire Perimeter

When your cat gets close to the proximity of the cable, an audible warning tone from his collar alerts him that he’s “too close, back up”.

If the warning tone is ignored, rare after training, the collar emits a non-injurious, customised electrical stimulation.

A DIY electric cat fence is an electronic system designed to keep your cat within a designated area without the need for physical barriers. These systems typically use a combination of boundary wires and receiver collars to create an invisible perimeter. When the cat approaches the boundary, the collar emits a warning sound or mild static correction to deter them from crossing the line. This allows cat owners to define safe zones and prevent their cats from venturing into dangerous or unwanted areas.

What are the Components of a DIY Electric Cat Fence?

electric fence for cats

A typical DIY electric cat fence system includes the following components:

Boundary Wire: A wire that defines the perimeter of the safe zone.

Transmitter: A device that sends a signal through the boundary wire.

Receiver Collar: A collar worn by the cat that receives signals from the transmitter.

Training Flags: Visual markers will help train the cat to recognise the boundaries.

Power Supply: Powers the transmitter and ensures continuous operation.

Transmitter Disc: Some systems use a disc to designate exclusion zones. This system can be used alone, with multiple discs or in conjunction with a wire perimeter.

Where is the Cable of a DIY Cat Fence Installed?

electric fence for cats

The cable of a DIY cat fence can be installed in various ways to suit different environments:

Attach to an Existing Fence or Structure: The cable can be attached to an existing fence or structure to create a boundary.

Underground: The cable can be buried underground to create an invisible barrier.

Through the Garden Rocks and Shrubbery: The cable can be threaded through garden rocks and shrubbery to blend seamlessly with the landscape.

Around Door Frames or the Structure of a House: The cable can be installed around door frames or along the structure of a house to create specific exclusion zones.

Can Electric Cat Fences Be Customised?

Yes, especially the CatWatch Hidden Fence System, which offers a high degree of customisation to suit each cat’s and household’s unique needs.

What are the Features of the CatWatch DIY Electric Cat Fence System?

The CatWatch DIY Electric Cat Fence System is packed with features that make it the best electric fence for cats:

Safelink® FM DM Digital Signal: Patented and EXCLUSIVE

A coded FM DM digital signal minimises the risk of unintentionally correcting your cat.

Boundary Control Technology: EXCLUSIVE

The system can be programmed in multiple ways to ensure a solid signal throughout the entire boundary. This technology takes into account the pet’s speed, behaviour, and highly instinctual breeds.

5-Training and Stimulation Levels: From subtle training influences to stronger corrections for tougher cats, the Hidden Fence receivers offer the most flexibility on the market for safely containing your cat.

Individually Programmable Collars: Each Cat Fence receiver is fully programmable, eliminating the need for separate “small cat” or “stubborn cat” collars. You can have unlimited collars on a single system, all individually programmed.

FastReact®: Patented and EXCLUSIVE

FastReact software calculates the cat’s speed at the signal entry point. If the cat attempts to “break out,” the software responds quickly, delivering the correction within 1/8th of a second.

Visual Security Alerts: Immediate alerts notify you if there is a break in the boundary wire.

2-Acre Capacity: The Hidden Fence DIY cat fencing system can secure properties ranging from a simple doorway to two full acres.

6-Month Battery Life – User Replaceable: The receiver collars are designed for efficiency and reliability. They maximise battery life with user-replaceable batteries that last up to six months.

Industrial Grade Components: All components are manufactured to the highest quality standards, including gold-plated battery contacts and lead-free soldering.

Approved and Compliant with Australian Communication Authority: The system meets EMC emissions standards: AS/NZS CISPR 22:2002 Class B ITE.

3-Year Equipment Replacement Warranty: The system comes with a three-year equipment replacement warranty honoured throughout Australia by over 18 local distributors.

How Do I Order a DIY Electronic Cat Fence System?

Ordering a DIY electronic cat fence system from Hidden Fence is easy. Visit our website, browse our range of products, and select the CatWatch Hidden Fence System that best suits your needs. Our team is available to answer any questions and provide support to ensure a smooth installation process. Protect your cat and give them the freedom to explore safely with the best electric fence for cats.

Citronella Bark Collars vs Electronic Anti-Bark Collars

anti-bark collar

The team at Hidden Fence has extensively researched the most effective anti-bark collars on the market. After extensive research, we firmly believe that electronic bark collars are the most effective in reducing nuisance barking. However, we often get asked about citronella collars and their effectiveness. Let’s look at citronella collars in more detail and compare how they stack up to electronic anti-bark collars.

What is a Citronella Bark Collar?

A citronella bark collar is a type of anti-bark collar designed to reduce or eliminate excessive barking. It works by emitting a spray of citronella, a plant-based oil with a distinctive, citrus-like smell when the collar detects barking. The unpleasant scent is intended to startle the dog and discourage further barking. Citronella bark collars are often seen as a kinder alternative to electronic bark collars by dog owners who do not fully understand how adjustable electronic barking collars work.

Citronella Bark Collar

What is an Electronic Anti-Bark Collar?

Anti-bark collar

Anti-Bark Collar BT7 DogWatch 

On the other hand, an electronic anti-bark collar uses static correction to deter barking. When the collar detects barking it first emits a warning sound and a vibration to divert the dog’s attention and remind them to stop barking. If barking persists it delivers a mild, harmless static signal to the dog. The intensity of the signal can be adjusted to match the dog’s size and temperament. Electronic anti-bark collars are designed to provide a consistent response to barking, which can help dogs learn to control their barking more effectively. The best models of electronic barking collars are adjustable and programmable, providing options for auditory warnings, vibration warnings, adjustable intensity of static correction or a combination of all approaches.

What are the Disadvantages of a Citronella Bark Collar?

anti-bark collar
That citronella is so irritating!

While citronella bark collars are popular among some pet owners, they have several disadvantages:

Effectiveness: Citronella collars may not be effective for all dogs. The spray may not deter some dogs, especially if they have a strong prey drive or are very determined barkers.

Refill Requirements: Citronella collars require regular refills of the citronella spray, which can be inconvenient and add to the overall cost. The refill feature may give your dog more opportunities to bark before you realise a refill is needed.

Sensitivity: These collars can sometimes be triggered by other loud noises, causing unnecessary sprays and confusion for the dog. Some dogs are also sensitive to the citronella itself, especially if it gets on their skin or in their eyes. Citronella may cause skin irritation, respiratory irritation and is toxic if ingested by dogs.

Mess: The citronella spray can create a mess, especially if the dog shakes its head or moves around a lot.

What are the Benefits of an Electronic Anti-Bark Collar?

Electronic anti-bark collars offer several benefits that make them a preferred choice for dog owners:

Effectiveness: Electronic collars are generally more effective at reducing or eliminating nuisance barking. The consistent and adjustable static correction ensures that the dog receives a clear and immediate response to barking.

Durability: Electronic collars are typically more durable and require less maintenance than citronella collars, which need frequent refills. Electronic collar batteries tend to last around 6 months – 2years.

Customisation: The best electronic collars allow for adjustable levels of static correction, making them suitable for dogs of various sizes and temperaments.

Reliability: Electronic collars are less likely to be triggered by other noises, ensuring that the dog receives correction only for its own barking.

anti-bark collar

Is it Easy to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking with an Anti-Bark Collar?

Training your dog to stop barking with an anti-bark collar is straightforward, especially with an electronic collar. Here are some tips to ensure success:

Choose the Right Collar: Select an electronic anti-bark collar appropriate for your dog’s size and temperament.

Start Slowly: Introduce the bark collar gradually, allowing your dog to get used to wearing it before gradually activating the warnings and corrections.

Monitor Your Dog: Observe your dog closely during the initial training period to ensure the bark collar functions correctly and your dog responds well.Consistency is Key: To achieve the best results, use the bark collar consistently and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to understand that anti-barking collars do not need to be worn 24/7. Rather, they should only be worn during high-risk times of the day, such as when the owner is away from home or during training sessions.

Spotlight on the BT7 No Bark Trainer

Bark Collar

One of the standout electronic anti-bark collars on the market is the BT7 No Bark Trainer. This bark collar offers several features that make it highly effective and user-friendly:

Adjustable Static Correction: The BT7 bark collar allows you to customise the level of static correction to suit your dog’s needs. It also has inbuilt audible warnings and vibration warnings.

Durable Design: Built to withstand everyday use, the BT7 bark collar is waterproof and robust.

Advanced Detection Technology: The anti-bark collar uses advanced bark detection technology to ensure accurate and consistent correction and minimise false triggers.

Where Can You Buy an Electronic Bark Collar in Australia?

If you’re looking to purchase an electronic bark collar in Australia, Hidden Fence is your go-to source. We offer high-quality electronic anti-bark collars, specifically the BT7 No Bark Trainer. While citronella bark collars can be effective for some dogs, electronic anti-bark collars are generally safer, more reliable and effective in reducing nuisance barking. At Hidden Fence, we are committed to helping you find the best anti-bark collar for your dog.

Browse our website or contact our team to find the perfect solution for your dog’s barking needs.

Safe bark collars for dogs

Bark Collar

The bark collar has often been misunderstood in the history of pet training devices, thanks to outdated information circulating online. Advancements in technology have revolutionised this bark training tool, making modern bark collars safe and effective for managing excessive barking. Hidden Fence is at the forefront, offering the BT7 Bark Collar manufactured by Dog Watch, a leader in pet safety technology.

Debunking Myths About Bark Collars

There is a lot of misinformation regarding the safety of bark collars for dogs. Many older models were indeed less reliable and could cause distress. Today, the best bark collars, like the ones provided by Hidden Fence, use cutting-edge technology, have undergone extensive testing, and are designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind.

The Advanced Technology of the BT7 Bark Collar

Waterproof Bark Collar

The BT7 Bark Collar stands out due to its numerous safety features, including:

  • Adjustable Levels of Correction: This allows pet owners to set the collar according to the temperament and sensitivity of their dog.
  • Audible and Vibration Warnings: Before any electronic stimulation, the collar can emit a sound or vibration to warn the dog, often enough to stop the barking.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Ensuring your dog can wear the bark collar without discomfort.
  • Waterproof: Perfect for all weather conditions and water play.
  • Bark Counter: This feature helps owners track how often their dog barks, providing insights into their behaviour.
  • Gentle Fit Contact Posts: Designed to be non-irritating on your dog’s skin.
  • Rechargeable with Long Battery Life: The collar’s battery lasts for several months, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Effective and Humane Use of Bark Collars

Bark collars are not meant to be worn all the time. Hidden Fence recommends using the bark collar only during periods of likely nuisance barking or for specific training sessions. This approach ensures the collar is used as a helpful training tool rather than a constant restraint, which aligns with humane training practices.

Local Support and Training

Recognising that introducing a bark collar to your dog’s routine may require additional support, Hidden Fence has a network of distributors across Australia ready to provide assistance, advice, and training. This ensures that the bark collar’s use is both safe and effective, maintaining your dog’s happiness and well-being.

Why Choose the BT7 Bark Collar from Hidden Fence?

The choice of a bark collar should be informed by effectiveness, safety, comfort and reputation. The BT7 Bark Collar meets all these criteria. Our confidence in this product is reflected in the 3-year warranty and the positive feedback from our customers about their dogs’ comfort and reduced barking.

The Importance of Addressing Excessive Barking

Bark Collar

Choosing a bark collar like the BT7 can prevent more drastic measures such as relocation or rehoming your dog due to complaints about noise. Bark collars provide a humane solution to maintain peace without disrupting the bond between you and your pet.

The BT7 Bark Collar from Hidden Fence is more than just a training device; it is part of a comprehensive approach to pet management that prioritises safety, comfort, and effectiveness. 

Bark Collar  BT7 DogWatch brand
Bark Collar BT7 DogWatch brand

Order online with confidence, knowing that you are choosing perhaps the safest bark collar available, designed to keep your dog calm without causing distress. This advanced tool can help maintain the loving and peaceful home environment you and your dog enjoy, even in challenging situations.

Do cat collars deliver a shock?

cat shock collar

As a responsible pet owner, ensuring the safety and comfort of your cat is paramount. A cat collar from Hidden Fence is a key tool for managing where your cat can go, especially concerning potential hazards. Many cat owners ask: Do these cat collars deliver a shock? Here, we delve into the technology behind the cat shock collar and its safe use.

Understanding the Cat Collar from Hidden Fence

The cat collar provided by Hidden Fence has been rigorously tested to ensure it is safe and comfortable for your cat. These collars use an electronic stimulus to manage your cat’s movement near predefined boundaries. It’s important to clarify that while often referred to inaccurately as “cat shock collars,” the sensation delivered is designed to be safe and not harmful.

How Does a Cat Collar Work?

Cat Shock Collar for indoor use

When your cat approaches a virtual boundary, the cat collar emits a stimulus similar to the sensation produced by a TENS machine or the static electricity shock experienced from touching a balloon or car door handle. This sensation is strong enough to distract your cat but not cause any harm or distress. This approach encourages your cat to avoid certain areas, such as dining room tables, effectively modifying its behaviour without discomfort.

Cat shock collar for outdoor use

Indoor and Outdoor Use

The flexibility of the cat “shock” collar system is one of its major advantages. Whether indoors or outdoors, these collars help manage your cat’s movements. Outdoors, a wire cable connected to a base station creates a virtual boundary. If your cat gets too close to this boundary, the cat collar reacts to keep your pet within safe limits. Specific areas like fish ponds or bird cages can also be safeguarded with transmitter discs that signal the cat collar.

The cat collar works similarly indoors. Transmitter discs can be placed to prevent your cat from accessing areas like couches, dining tables, or other off-limits zones, ensuring your home remains orderly and your cat stays safe.

Features of Hidden Fence’s Cat Collar

Hidden Fence’s signature cat collar, manufactured by Catwatch, is a leading solution in pet safety and features:

  • Programmable Software: Tailor the collar settings to suit your cat’s temperament and your specific needs.
  • Waterproof Collar: Designed for all weather conditions, ensuring indoor or outdoor functionality.
  • Long Battery Life: The collar’s battery can last up to six months and is user-replaceable.
  • Safety Features: The collar is equipped with FM Digital Software by SafeLink® and Speed Detect FastReact® Software, which enhances its responsiveness and reliability.

Why Choose Hidden Fence?

Hidden Fence is an industry leader and a trusted name in pet safety solutions. With options for DIY or professional installation and a comprehensive 3-year warranty, cat owners can feel confident about the quality and effectiveness of their cat collar. Additionally, the system is designed to work with any breed and size of cat, from a Burmese to a Maine Coon.

In summary, while the term “cat shock collar” might be commonly used, it does not accurately describe the safe, humane electronic stimulus provided by the cat collar from Hidden Fence. Designed to be a gentle reminder and training tool rather than a harsh deterrent, these collars are an excellent choice for keeping your beloved pet safe while respecting their comfort. 

Explore the range and benefits of the Catwatch® DIY Cat Containment System from Hidden Fence and discover how it can provide peace of mind and safety for your furry friend.

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What is the cheapest way to dog proof a fence?

Dog Fence
This dog fence won’t keep me in!

When it comes to keeping your dog safely within the boundaries of your property, the integrity and effectiveness of your dog fence are paramount. For many pet owners, the challenge isn’t just about installing a new dog fence but finding cost-effective ways to enhance an existing one that may not be holding up to their four-legged friends’ clever escapades. Whether your dog is jumping over, digging under, or pushing through the fence, upgrading your property doesn’t have to be an expensive or unattainable task.

Understand Your Current Dog Fence’s Weaknesses

Electronic Dog Fence

Before exploring solutions, evaluating why your current dog fence isn’t dog-proof is crucial. Common problems include gaps, weak spots where dogs can push through, or simply not being high enough to prevent your dog from jumping over. These issues often make a traditional dog fence less effective, prompting owners to seek more innovative solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Enhance Dog Fences

Building a completely new dog fence can be a daunting financial and time-consuming endeavour, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars. Further, for renters, permanent solutions like a new fence are often not viable options due to restrictions or the need for landlord permissions. Here’s where technology comes in to offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Embracing Technology: The Electronic Dog Fence

Electronic dog fences have evolved significantly and now present a highly adaptable and cost-effective solution for dog owners. Unlike traditional fences, an electronic dog fence can be configured to fit any property size and perimeter shape at a fraction of the cost of constructing a new fence.

The setup involves a perimeter wire that is typically buried just below the surface. This creates a virtual barrier and ensures that your yard retains its aesthetic appeal without the visible clutter of a physical fence. 

Professional Dog Fence Installation
Electronic Dog Fence Transmitter

Hidden Fence offers a variety of electronic dog fences that are perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and those preferring professional installation. Our Dog Watch Containment System is perfect for most settings.

Watch the video of our Hidden Dog Fence in Action:

Hidden Dog Fence by Dogwatch

Advantages of Hidden Fence’s Electronic Dog Fences

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Installing an electronic dog fence from Hidden Fence is considerably cheaper than building new physical barriers.
  2. Aesthetics: Since the perimeter wire is buried, your property’s beauty is not compromised.
  3. Flexibility: Tailored to fit any shape and size of property, ensuring that your dog fence is effective regardless of the layout and terrain of your land.
  4. Professional Installation and Training: Hidden Fence offers professional installation across Australia and also provides training sessions for you and your dog, facilitating a smooth transition to the new system.
  5. Advanced Technology: Modern electronic dog fences include features like cloud-initiated safety notifications, which can be sent directly to your mobile phone and other devices, enhancing the security and management of your pet’s boundaries.

Why Choose Hidden Fence?

With distributors across Australia, Hidden Fence’s network ensures that professional help is always within reach. The DIY options are also robust, supported by detailed guides and customer support, making the installation process straightforward and user-friendly.

An electronic dog fence from Hidden Fence represents the most practical and economical solution for dog owners facing the dilemma of an ineffective fence. Not only does it prevent the need for expensive physical barriers, but it also incorporates the latest in pet management technology, making it a superior choice for modern pet safety and care.

Explore the full range of electronic dog fences from Hidden Fence to find the perfect fit for your needs and ensure your beloved pet stays safe and sound within the comforts of your home.

Are electric dog fences portable?

Take Your Electric Dog Fence On Holidays With You
Take Your Electric Dog Fence On Holidays With You

When it comes to keeping your dog safely within your property without the need for traditional fencing, an electric dog fence installation is often the go-to solution. Unlike the harsh electric fences used on farms that deliver a strong shock, electric dog fences, or hidden dog fences, are designed with your pet’s safety in mind. These systems typically use a transmitter station, a receiver collar, and a perimeter wire cable that is discreetly buried or hidden. Additionally, some models utilise a transmitter disc to create an electronic or virtual perimeter, enhancing the system’s flexibility and portability. But are these innovative fences truly portable? Let’s jump in and find out.

What are Electric Dog Fences?

Electric dog fences, also known as invisible dog fences, are containment systems designed to keep pets within a designated area without the need for physical barriers. These systems function through a combination of a transmitter station that emits a radio signal, a receiver collar worn by the dog, and a perimeter wire that defines the boundary. When the dog approaches the boundary, the collar receives a signal from the transmitter and delivers a mild electric stimulation or auditory signal that deters the pet from crossing the perimeter.

What Types of Electric Dog Fences Are There?

The two primary types of electric dog fences are those that use a buried wire cable and those that employ a wireless transmitter disc. The wired systems are customisable to the shape of your property, while the wireless models offer the convenience of setting up a circular boundary without physically installing wires. We also think about outdoor electric dog fences and indoor electric dog fences. Both settings can utilise either a wire cable perimeter, a virtual perimeter created by a disc or a combination of both approaches.

Electric Dog Fence Installation
Electric Dog Fence Installation

Is Installation of an Electric Dog Fence Easy?

Electric dog fence installation can be straightforward, especially with wireless models that require minimal setup.Simply place the transmitter disc at a suitable location, adjust the radius, and it’s ready. For wired models, installation involves burying the perimeter wire around the desired containment area. This process can be more labour-intensive but offers greater flexibility in shaping the boundary.

Dog Fence Boundary Cable
Wireless Dog Fence Transmitter

Does Hidden Fence Offer Professional Installation?

Hidden Fence provides professional electric dog fence installation services for those who prefer not to undertake the installation themselves. Our team of experts ensures that your Hidden Fence containment system is set up correctly and efficiently, guaranteeing optimal functionality and peace of mind.

Can I DIY Install an Electric Dog Fence?

Absolutely! DIY electric dog fence installation is a viable option for many dog owners. Whether you choose a model with a perimeter wire or a wireless system, the installation can generally be completed with common household tools and a bit of time. This approach saves installation costs and allows you to customise the system to your needs.

What are the Advantages of Transmission Discs?

Wireless Electric Dog Fence Installation

Transmission discs offer significant advantages for those seeking a portable electric dog fence. These devices are ideal for renters, transient workers, and holidaymakers because they can easily be moved and reinstalled at a new location without any need for digging or wire laying. Their ease of setup and adjustment to different ranges makes them highly versatile and user-friendly.

Spotlight on the PT5 Professional Smart Fence Dog Containment System from Hidden Fence

The PT5 Smart Fence and Professional Dog Containment System is an exemplary model available through Hidden Fence. Designed with cutting-edge technology and interfaced with your smartphone, this system offers robust reliability and can be tailored to both large and small properties.

Both indoor and outdoor electric dog fences are remarkably portable and can be installed either through DIY efforts or with the help of professional electric dog fence installation services. Whether you’re setting up a permanent installation at your primary residence or need a temporary setup while on vacation, electric dog fences offer an effective and flexible solution to pet containment. With options like the PT5 Smart Fence Containment System, you can ensure your pet’s safety and your peace of mind wherever you may be.

The Top 3 Electronic Dog Collars in Australia

Here at Hidden Fence, we understand the importance of finding the right training tools for your furry friend.

Best Electronic Dog Collars Australia

Are you looking for the best electronic dog collars in Australia? 

Look no further! Here at Hidden Fence, we understand the importance of finding the right training tools for your furry friend. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 3 electronic dog collars in Australia, each offering quality, value for money, intuitive, user-friendly design, and excellent training outcomes for dog owners. Let’s explore these top picks and discover how they can help in socialising your dog, teaching them acceptable behaviour, and fostering a harmonious relationship with your family.

1. BT7 No Bark Training Collar

First on our list of top dog collars in Australia is the BT7 No Bark Training Collar. Perfect for teaching your dog to control their barking, this collar uses a combination of sound, vibration and static stimulus to gently remind your dog when it’s time to be quiet. The BT7 collar is specifically designed to be lightweight and comfortable, ensuring your dog won’t be hindered during their daily activities. This collar is an excellent tool for helping your dog understand when barking is inappropriate, leading to better behaviour and a more peaceful home environment.
LightweightWaterproofRechargeable15 Levels within 5 settings!Bark Counter TMVibration or e-StimulationProgressive or User set levelsLED Status3-Year warranty


No-Bark Trainer

The Bark Collar effectively trains your dog that there are limits to barking. Quickly & gently reduces and eliminates excessive barking behaviour.

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2. Big Leash Remote Control Training Collar

Next in our selection of top dog collars in Australia is the Big Leash Remote Control Training Collar. This innovative training tool offers unparalleled control and safety for your dog. With a range of features, including 15 levels of stimulation and a range of up to 800 meters, the Big Leash collar is ideal for teaching your dog various commands and obedience skills. Whether you’re in your backyard or out in the park, this collar ensures consistent training cues, helping your dog to learn faster and more effectively.
Features Include:
In-Touch™ Two-Way Communication15 Levels of Stimulation4 Signal OptionsFireFly® Nightlights800 Metre RangeTwo-Dog ReadyWaterproof ReceiverSoft-Touch™ Coating


Remote Trainer

Big Leash Remote Trainers allow you to communicate with your dog, so you can have more fun together. Helps you reinforce training commands and change unwanted behaviour.

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3. SideWalker Trainer Collar

Last but certainly not least, in our roundup of the best dog collars in Australia is the SideWalker Trainer Collar. This collar is specifically designed to teach your dog proper leash manners. It delivers a gentle correction when your dog pulls on the leash, encouraging them to stay by your side. It’s an ideal solution for making walks more enjoyable for both you and your dog. The SideWalker collar is also adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for dogs of all sizes.
Digital Software5 adjustable settings, including vibrationProgressive levels within each settingWaterproof CollarLow battery indicator LEDLightweight1-Year Full Warranty


Walking Trainer

The SideWalker dog walking collar creates a more enjoyable walking experience for you and your dog. Gently corrects overly enthusiastic leash pulling and helps your dog learn appropriate on-leash behaviour.

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Benefits of Electronic Dog Collars in Australia

Choosing the right dog collar in Australia is crucial for the effective training and socialisation of your dog. These top 3 electronic dog collars offer several benefits:

Enhanced Training: These collars provide consistent and intuitive training cues, making it easier for your dog to understand and follow commands.

Improved Socialisation: Properly trained dogs are more sociable and less likely to exhibit undesirable behaviours, leading to more positive interactions with other dogs and people.

Stronger Bond: Training your dog with these collars can lead to a stronger, more harmonious relationship between you and your pet.
Safety and Comfort: Designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind, these collars ensure that training is safe, consistent and effective.

When it comes to finding the best dog collars in Australia, the BT7 No Bark Training Collar, Big Leash Remote Control Training Collar, and SideWalker Trainer Collar stand out as the top choices. Not only do they offer exceptional quality and value, but they also provide dog owners with the tools necessary for successful training and a harmonious relationship with their pets. Explore these options and take the first step towards a well-behaved, happy dog today!

The Best Five Ways to Stop a Dog Barking.

Dogs are wonderful companions, but excessive barking can challenge pet owners. If you’re wondering how to stop a dog barking, you’re not alone.

5 Tips on How To Stop A Dog Barking

Dogs are wonderful companions, but excessive barking can challenge pet owners. If you’re wondering how to stop a dog barking, you’re not alone. This article will explore five effective strategies, including starting training from an early age and intervention training. By implementing these methods, you can enjoy a quieter and more harmonious home.

1. Use Consistent Training Cues

One of the most effective ways to stop a dog barking is through consistent training cues. Training should ideally begin at a young age, as puppies are more adaptable and responsive. Using clear and consistent commands, such as “quiet” or “stop,” can help your dog understand what is expected. Reward-based training, where good behaviour is rewarded with treats or affection, reinforces quiet behaviour. Consistency is key, as mixed signals can confuse your dog and hinder progress.

2. Establish a Predictable Routine

Understanding how to stop a dog barking often involves looking at their daily routine. Dogs thrive on predictability and structure. A regular schedule for meals, walks, playtime, and rest can significantly reduce anxiety-induced barking. Stress and boredom are common triggers for excessive barking, so a stable routine can help mitigate these issues.

3. Provide Your Dog With Stimulus

Another answer to how to stop a dog barking lies in providing adequate mental and physical stimulation. Dogs often bark out of boredom or pent-up energy. Engaging toys, interactive play, and regular exercise can keep your dog mentally stimulated and physically tired, reducing their need to bark for attention or out of boredom.

4. Consider Providing Your Dog With Company

For those wondering how to stop a dog barking, one solution might be as simple as providing company. Dogs are social animals and may bark due to loneliness or separation anxiety. Working from home or taking your dog to work can provide them with the companionship they crave. If this isn’t possible, arranging for a dog walker or sitter, or even adopting a second pet, might help.

5. Use a Bark Collar

When exploring how to stop a dog barking, sometimes additional tools are needed. A bark collar can be an effective solution when other methods are insufficient. Bark collars are designed to provide a harmless but noticeable correction when a dog barks. It’s important to choose a high-quality, adjustable bark collar like those offered by Hidden Fence. These collars can be a valuable part of a broader training strategy, especially for stubborn cases.

Starting Training Early vs Intervention Training

Starting training at an early age sets a foundation for good behaviour. Puppies are more adaptable to learning new behaviours, including being quiet on command. However, if you have an older dog, intervention training is also effective. This involves identifying the triggers for barking and addressing them through targeted training methods and behavioural adjustments.

Understanding how to stop a dog barking requires patience, consistency, and, sometimes, the right tools. Start with training cues, a predictable routine, adequate stimulus, and companionship. If these methods are ineffective, consider a bark collar as an additional training tool.

 Hidden Fence offers bark collars that can complement your training efforts. Remember, the goal is a happy, well-behaved dog and a peaceful home environment. With the right approach, you can achieve just that.

What is the Best Dog Containment System for Rental Properties?

For dog owners living in rental properties, finding the right dog containment system can be challenging. Find out more here!

          Dog Containment Systems For Rental Properties

For dog owners living in rental properties, finding the right dog containment system can be challenging. You need a solution that is both effective and adaptable to your living situation. This article explores the best dog containment system options for renters, emphasizing the need for smart, portable solutions. Whether you prefer DIY projects, professional installation, or high-tech solutions, there’s a perfect fit for every pet owner.

DIY Electronic Fences

The DIY Electronic Fence is an excellent dog containment system for renters who prefer a hands-on approach. This system is not only cost-effective but also allows for custom installation tailored to your rental property’s unique layout. It’s ideal for those who are comfortable with basic DIY tasks. The flexibility of the DIY Electronic Fence means you can easily set it up in your current rental property and take it with you if you move. This makes it a practical and economical choice for many dog owners.

Portable Containment System to Keep Your Dog Safe
  • Easy to installWaterproof
  • Dog Fence CollarFM
  • Digital Software2-Year
  • Battery Life3-Year or 5-
  • Year WarrantyPortable

Professionally Installed Electronic Fences With Professional Dog Training

If DIY isn’t your thing, consider a professionally installed electronic dog containment system. These systems offer the reliability and expertise of professional installation, ensuring that your dog containment system is set up correctly and efficiently. This option is perfect for those who prefer a hassle-free solution and are willing to invest a bit more for expert installation. 

Like the DIY option, these systems can be designed to suit the specific needs of your rental property, providing a safe and secure environment for your dog.

They also have the added benefit of professional training for both the owner and dog. Once the system is set up, your local Hidden Fence distributor will teach you and your dog how to use the system effectively.

The PT5 Smart Fence App System

For the tech-savvy dog owner, the PT5 Smart Fence App System is the pinnacle of dog containment systems. This state-of-the-art system offers live data tracking and management through a convenient app, giving you complete control and peace of mind. It’s ideal for those who love technology and want to stay connected with their dog’s safety and well-being. The PT5 Smart Fence is portable, making it a viable option for renters who need a flexible and advanced dog containment solution.

PT5 Smart Fence Dog Containment System

Hidden Fence: Leaders in Dog Containment Systems

Choosing the Right System

Keeping your dog contained at home rather than running around the neighbourhood is of primary concern for renters.
The best dog containment system for you depends on several factors, including your dog’s behaviour and size, your preference for DIY versus professional installation, and your interest in technology. 

All three options – DIY Electronic Fences, Professionally Installed Electronic Fences, and the PT5 Smart Fence App System – are perfectly suited for renters. 

They offer the flexibility and efficiency required for a rental living situation while ensuring your dog’s safety and security.

Dog Containment Systems For Renters

Choosing the right dog containment system is crucial for the well-being of your pet and peace of mind. As a renter, you need a system that is adaptable, reliable, and suits your lifestyle. 

Whether you prefer the hands-on approach of a DIY Electronic Fence, the professionalism of an installed system, or the advanced technology of the PT5 Smart Fence App System, Hidden Fence has the perfect solution for you. 

We encourage you to explore these products further, conveniently order online, or talk to an expert at Hidden Fence to find the best dog containment system for your rental property.

Are Cat Containment Systems Compulsory in Brisbane?

While cat containment systems are not explicitly mandated in Brisbane, local regulations do require that cats are not allowed to roam freely.

 Cat Containment Systems in Brisbane

While cat containment systems are not explicitly mandated in Brisbane, local regulations do require that cats are not allowed to roam freely. 

The Brisbane City Council Website states

“You must prevent your cat from wandering and causing a nuisance to neighbours. A cat enclosure is the best way to keep your cat safe. Your cat is less likely to be hurt in fights, pick up diseases, be hit by a car or cause a nuisance. A cat spraying or disrupting domestic or native animals may provoke anger from neighbours. They also risk collection by a Council officer.”

This rule underscores the importance of ensuring your cat’s safety while also protecting local wildlife. In this article, we’ll delve into the significance of cat containment in Brisbane and recommend an ideal solution from Hidden Fence.

Brisbane’s Approach to Cat Containment

In Brisbane, the absence of a city-wide mandate for cat containment systems doesn’t lessen the responsibility of pet owners. The regulation prohibiting cats from roaming freely means that owners must find ways to keep their cats within their property. This can be effectively achieved through indoor confinement or by using outdoor cat containment systems.

Why Consider a Cat Containment System?

A cat containment system is crucial for several reasons:

Safety for Your Cat: It protects your cat from external dangers like traffic and prevents encounters with other animals.

Wildlife Protection: Keeping cats contained helps preserve the local wildlife, which is vulnerable to predation by domestic cats.

Peace of Mind: Knowing your cat is safely contained within your property can give you a sense of relief and satisfaction.

Complies With Council Regulations: A cat containment system stops your cat “from wandering and causing a nuisance to neighbours.”

Easy DIY Install: Cat containment systems are easy to DIY install and are portable for renters.

Hidden Fence’s Outdoor Cat Containment System

For those seeking a reliable outdoor cat containment system in Brisbane, Hidden Fence offers an excellent solution. Our Outdoor Cat Containment System is designed to keep cats safely within the boundaries of your property while allowing them the freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

Advantages of Hidden Fence’s System

Hidden Fence’s Outdoor Cat Containment System stands out for its:

Cat Containment System by Hidden Fence

Safety: Ensures your cat remains safely on your property.
Adaptability: Can be customised to suit various property sizes and layouts.
Adjustable Levels: Uses gentle methods to keep your cat within boundaries.
Ease of Installation: The DIY nature allows for an easy set-up process.

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Choosing Hidden Fence

Opting for Hidden Fence’s cat containment system means prioritising your cat’s safety and well-being. Our systems are designed to ensure that your cat enjoys their outdoor space without the risks associated with free roaming. 
Furthermore, the support and customer service from Hidden Fence makes the installation and upkeep straightforward.

Cat Containment System

While cat containment systems are not technically compulsory in Brisbane, regulations requiring cats not to roam freely make them essential. Hidden Fence’s Outdoor Cat Containment System offers a perfect blend of safety, flexibility, and humane containment, aligning with Brisbane’s regulations and the needs of responsible pet owners. 

Visit Hidden Fence to explore our cat containment solutions and ensure your pet enjoys a safe and happy outdoor experience.

Why do I need an anti-barking collar? A Dog’s Perspective.

Woof, hi there! I’m a dog with a bit of a barking issue when my owner is away. I know my barking can be a problem, especially for my neighbours, but let me share my perspective.

“It Wasn’t Me! 
I Don’t Need an Anti-Bark Collar”

“Who says I need to stop barking? 
Don’t listen to those neighbours!”

Woof, hi there! I’m a dog with a bit of a barking issue when my owner is away. I know my barking can be a problem, especially for my neighbours, but let me share my perspective. You see, barking is my way of expressing myself. Maybe I’m bored, feeling anxious because I miss my owner, or just doing my duty by being territorial. But my neighbour thinks I need something called an anti-barking collar. My owner and I weren’t sure about it, so we decided to learn more.

Firstly, why are anti-barking collars called bark collars? Simply put, these collars are designed to help manage and reduce excessive barking. As a dog, the concept was a bit scary at first. I mean, I just want to express myself! But, my owner explained that anti-barking collars can be a safe and effective way to help me learn when it’s okay to bark and when it’s not.

  • Makes a beep to remind me to stop barking.
  • Vibrates if I keep barking.
  • Gives a static stimulus to distract me.
  • Counts how many times I bark so my owner knows what’s happening when they are not at home.
  • Stops working if I just won’t stop barking!

Using an anti-barking collar doesn’t mean stopping all my barking. After all, barking is a natural way for us dogs to communicate. But, excessive barking can be a nuisance. That’s where anti-barking collars come in. They are designed to gently remind me when I get a little too carried away with my barking.

Now, the idea of using an anti-barking collar when my owner is not at home was a point of contention. My owner didn’t want to rely solely on a collar to manage my barking. We both agreed that it was essential to address the root causes of my barking, like boredom, separation anxiety and protecting my territory.

So, we came up with a plan. Alongside using the anti-barking collar, my owner started to provide me with more toys to keep me occupied, and we worked on some training exercises for separation anxiety. This helped a lot! I started to feel more relaxed and less inclined to bark excessively.

But there were still times when I’d forget and bark more than necessary. That’s when the anti-barking collar became useful. It was set up to give me a mild reminder, just enough to help me remember the training I’d been doing with my owner. It was never used as a punishment, just a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Anti-barking collars, or bark collars as they’re commonly known, are not about stopping us dogs from barking entirely. It’s about helping us learn the right times to bark and keeping our barking to a reasonable level. With the combination of training, environmental enrichment, and the responsible use of an anti-barking collar, my barking habits have improved a lot. 

Now, my neighbour is happier, and so am I. And most importantly, my bond with my owner is stronger than ever, because we worked through this challenge together. 

Thanks for listening. 
Woof Woof 🐾

How to stop attention seeking barking.

As dedicated professionals in pet care and behaviour training, we understand the and are here to offer practical advice and solutions.

Attention Seeking Barking Solutions

Greetings from the team at Hidden Fence, Australia! 

Today, we’re diving into a topic that many dog owners find challenging: managing attention seeking barking. As dedicated professionals in pet care and behaviour training, we understand the nuances of this common issue and are here to offer practical advice and solutions.

Let’s delve into the heart of the matter. Attention seeking barking can disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of your home and can be a sign of deeper issues in your dog’s behaviour. After ruling out any underlying medical issues or environmental causes, the secret to tackling this issue effectively is rooted in prevention. But what if you’ve adopted an older dog or missed the early training window? Don’t worry, it’s never too late to address attention seeking barking, and we’re here to guide you through the process.

Intervention for Inadequate Early Training

If your dog missed out on early training or if previous training was insufficient, it’s crucial to start with understanding the cause of attention seeking barking. Is your dog barking due to boredom, anxiety, or as a response to environmental changes? Identifying the root cause is the first step towards effective intervention.

Revisit Basic Training Techniques

Once the cause is identified, begin with basic training techniques. Focus on commands like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘quiet’. Consistency is key. Ensure all family members use the same commands and rewards to avoid confusion. Positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, is essential when your dog follows commands or exhibits good behaviour.

Establish a Regular Routine

Establishing a regular routine is an integral part of addressing attention seeking barking. Dogs thrive on consistency and predictability, which helps them feel secure and understand what is expected of them. They know the sound of your car or footsteps at the door. While they will exhibit some excitement to see you, avoid making a big fuss of them the moment you work through the door. Instead acknowledge them quietly and establish a regular routine for giving attention a few moments later when they are exhibiting calm behaviour. 

Set a consistent schedule for feeding, walking, playtime, and rest. This not only helps reduce anxiety and boredom (which can contribute to attention seeking barking) but also aids in setting clear boundaries and expectations for your dog.

Incorporating training sessions into this routine can further reinforce good behaviour. Short, frequent training sessions are more effective than occasional, longer ones. Also, consider integrating mental stimulation into your dog’s routine. Puzzle toys, scent games, and interactive play can help keep your dog mentally engaged and less likely to resort to attention seeking behaviours.

Interactive Play Helps Reduce Attention Seeking Barking

A Note About Working From Home

The rise in working from home has presented unique challenges and opportunities for dog owners. On one hand, it allows more time with your pet and can help prevent separation anxiety, but on the other, it can inadvertently encourage attention seeking barking and dependency. Dogs might bark to gain attention or interact with you, especially when they notice you’re at home but not engaging with them. It’s important to set boundaries and help your dog understand that work time isn’t always playtime.

Creating a separate workspace can help your dog distinguish between work hours and leisure time. During work hours, engage your dog in quiet activities, like chewing a toy or resting in their bed. You could even incorporate a separate bed under your desk where they can enjoy being with you without demanding attention. Take regular breaks to interact with your dog, reinforcing the idea that they will get attention, but on a schedule. This balance helps your dog adjust to your presence at home without developing attention seeking behaviours.

Remember, a well-structured routine doesn’t just benefit your dog; it also makes your life easier. A predictable schedule will help you anticipate and manage your dog’s needs more effectively, creating a more harmonious environment for both you and your furry companion.

A regular routine will also help reduce any separation anxiety your dog may be experiencing.

Remember, retraining a dog that missed early training opportunities requires patience and persistence. Your dog may take longer to unlearn their established habits, but with consistent effort and the right approach, significant improvements can be achieved.

Use Training Aids

  Bark Collars to Correct Problem Barking

In cases where conventional training struggles to make an impact, it’s worth considering additional tools.

A bark collar, for instance, can be an effective supplement to your training efforts. At Hidden Fence, we recommend using a bark collar with adjustable settings to ensure it’s used as a consistent and predictable reminder rather than a punitive measure.

In summary, while attention seeking barking is a challenge, it’s not insurmountable. With the right training, understanding, and if necessary, the judicious use of training aids like bark collars, you can significantly reduce unwanted barking.

The Team at Hidden Fence is committed to helping you and your furry friend enjoy a peaceful and harmonious life together. Contact Us For Further Information

Is bark collar training suitable for young dogs?

Hello, dog lovers! We’re the Hidden Fence Team, coming to you from Australia with some insights on a topic we often get asked about: bark collar training.

Is bark collar training safe for young dogs?

Hello, dog lovers! We’re the Hidden Fence Team, coming to you from Australia with some insights on a topic we often get asked about: bark collar training. As animal lovers and experts in pet care, we want to share our thoughts on whether bark collar training is appropriate for young dogs.

First and foremost, it’s essential to understand that young dogs, particularly those under 4-6 months old, are still in their formative stages. During this time, their understanding of the world and their place in it is still developing. That’s why we at Hidden Fence firmly believe that bark collar training should not be the first line of training for puppies and young dogs.

However, it’s not all black and white. With our BT7 bark collar, we’ve seen how adjustable settings can make bark collar training a gradual and safe approach. When used correctly and as an adjunct to other training methods, this bark collar can indeed be a useful training aid. It helps teach young dogs the parameters of acceptable barking levels, but it’s crucial to use it responsibly.
In young dogs above 6 months old, it’s important to choose a bark collar with adjustable settings, progressive levels and bark forgiveness.

Are Bark Collars Safe?

Understanding the routine of your household is vital for a young dog. We always emphasise the importance of teaching them what is considered socially acceptable behaviour. This includes rewarding good behaviour, providing enough stimuli like exercise, toys, and treats, and most importantly, spending quality time with your new puppy or young dog. This helps them see your home as a safe and loving place, even when you’re not around.

The Bark Collar Training

Now, let’s talk about the bark collar training itself. If your young dog shows a tendency towards excessive barking, a bark collar, such as our BT7 model, can act as a stimulus, reminder, distraction, or prompt to curb this behaviour. It’s essential to remember that this should be done under close supervision, especially with very young dogs. The goal is to help them understand the cues and acceptable levels of behaviour, not to frighten or harm them.

Bark Collar Training For Young Dogs

Using the bark collar training method requires a careful and sensitive approach. Start with the lowest settings and only for short periods. Observe how your dog responds and adjust accordingly. The idea is to use the bark collar as a gentle reminder, not as a punishment. Your dog should always feel safe and loved, even during training.


In conclusion, while bark collar training can be a valuable tool in teaching young dogs about acceptable barking levels, it should be used with caution in very young dogs and always in conjunction with other positive training methods. Hidden Fence does not recommend bark collar training in dogs under 4-6 months old. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a harmonious and loving environment for your new furry family member, where they feel secure and understood. 
Thank you for trusting the Hidden Fence Team to be part of your journey in responsible pet ownership!

Bark Collar Product Review: A review of Hidden Fence’s Signature Bark Collar

In Australia, where dog ownership is widespread, the popularity of electronic bark collars has surged. Find out more here.

Hidden Fence’s Signature BT7 Bark Collar by Dogwatch

What is a Bark Collar, and Why are Electronic Bark Collars So Popular in Australia?

A bark collar is a specialised device designed to help dog owners manage excessive barking. In Australia, where dog ownership is widespread, the popularity of electronic bark collars has surged. These devices are valued for their effectiveness and humane approach to training. Electronic bark collars work by delivering a gentle stimulus when a dog barks excessively, encouraging them to reduce this behaviour without causing harm. Bark collars are valuable as an adjunct to traditional methods of bark training and for specified times when the owner cannot be at home.

Hidden Fence: Leaders in Bark Collar Supply and Training

Hidden Fence, a renowned name in pet containment and training products in Australia, stands out in the bark collar market with distributors located right across Australia. Their commitment to quality, coupled with expert training solutions, positions them as leaders in this field. They understand the importance of balancing safety with effective training techniques.

Hidden Fence’s Signature Bark Collar: The BT7 No Bark Trainer Manufactured by DogWatch

The BT7 No Bark Trainer, manufactured by DogWatch and supplied by Hidden Fence in Australia, is a premium bark collar that combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly design. This bark collar is celebrated for its precision and reliability, ensuring that it only activates when your dog barks, avoiding false triggers.

User-Friendly Features of the BT7 Bark Collar

The BT7 bark collar boasts an array of features that make it a top choice for dog owners including:

Lightweight and Waterproof: Perfect for active dogs, this bark collar won’t weigh your pet down and is suitable for all weather conditions.

Rechargeable with 15 Levels Within 5 Settings!: The collar is easily rechargeable, eliminating the need for battery replacements, and offers 15 levels of stimulation within 5 user-friendly settings.

Bark Counter TM: This innovative feature tracks the number of barks, aiding in monitoring and adjusting the training process.

Vibration or e-Stimulation: Choose between vibration and electronic stimulation to tailor the training to your dog’s sensitivity and responsiveness.

Progressive or User Set Levels: The bark collar can automatically increase stimulation levels if barking persists or be manually set to a specific level.

LED Status: The LED status indicator provides clear, instant feedback on the collar’s operation and battery life.

How to Order the BT7 Bark Collar from Hidden Fence

Ordering the BT7 bark collar from Hidden Fence is straightforward. Visit the website, navigate to the collars section, and select the No Bark Trainer BT7 model. The website offers detailed product descriptions, making it easy to understand the features and benefits.

Excellent 1-Year Warranty on Parts and Labour

Hidden Fence’s commitment to quality is further exemplified by their excellent 1-year warranty on parts and labour for the BT7 bark collar. This warranty underscores their confidence in the product and provides peace of mind for the consumer.

Product Includes:

  • Rechargeable Bark Collar Unit
  • Collar Strap
  • 2 Sets of Contact Posts (GentleFit Contacts will fit as well…see store)
  • Australian AC Charger
  • Instruction Manual
Life is Better With a Dog!

The BT7 No Bark Trainer bark collar supplied by Hidden Fence is a top-tier choice for dog owners in Australia. Its combination of advanced features, user-friendly design, and the robust support and warranty from Hidden Fence make it a standout product in the bark collar market.